Some research groups in Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics @ UFV

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Group Name


Agrochemical with Insecticide and Fungicide Activities

Mayura Magalhaes Marques Rubinger

Algebra and Applied Mathematics

Marines Guerreiro

Analysis and Synthesis of Agricultural Chemicals

Luiz Cláudio de Almeida Barbosa

Analytical and Environmental Chemistry

Carlos Roberto Bellato

Applied Analytical Chemistry

Maria Eliana Lopes Ribeiro de Queiroz

Applied Chemical Equilibrium

André Fernando de Oliveira

Applied Electroanalytics – GEAP

Leonardo Luiz Okumura

Applied Mathematics to Sustainable Agriculture

Lana Mara Rodrigues dos Santos

Applied Physics Statistics

Silvio da Costa Ferreira Junior

Applied Quantitative Methods for Experimentation in Plant Science

Carlos Sigueyuki Sediyama

Applied Statistics and Biometry

Sebastião Martins Filho

Bioactive Compounds and Development of Technological Solutions

Cassiano Rodrigues de Oliveira

Biological activity of coordination compounds and organometallic representative metals and ligands containing dithiocarbamates disselenocarbamatos

Daniele Cristiane Menezes

Biosphere – Atmosphere Interaction

Marcos Heil Costa

Condensed Matter Physics, Field Theory, Topology and Geometry

Jakson Miranda Fonseca

Differential Equations and Applications

Margareth da Silva Alves

Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory

Kennedy Martins Pedroso

Dynamics of Landscapes

Edson Soares Fialho

Field Theory in Condensed Matter Systems

Afranio Rodrigues Pereira

Geographic Information System

Maria Lúcia Calijuri

Geometry , Topology and Applications

Simone Maria de Moraes

Green Chemistry and Colloidal Macromolecular ( Quivecom )

Luis Henique Mendes da Silva

Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis

Márcio José da Silva

Instrumentation and Chemometrics in Environmental Analytical Chemistry

Efraim Lázaro Reis

José Marcelo Vilela Research Group on Biological Physics

Marcelo Lobato Martins


Jose Roberto da Silveira Maia

Material Science

Sukarno Olavo Ferreira

Mathematical Physics and Quantum Field Theory

Daniel Heber Theodoro Franco

Mathematics and Statistics (Campus Florestal)

Alexandre Alvarenga Rocha

Methods and Statistical Inference – Theory and Application

Luiz Alexandre Peternelli

Nanostructured Multifunctional Materials for Environmental Applications

Jairo Tronto

New Materials: modeling & computer simulation

Pablo Damasceno Borges

Physics (Campus Florestal)

Natália Rezende Landin

Reaction Kinetics and Adsorption

Claúdio Ferreira Lima

Right Destination – Recycling Junk

Gerson Rodrigues dos Santos

Supramolecular Chemistry and Biomimicry

Sergio Antônio Fernandes

Waste Analysis

Astréa Filomena de Souza Silva