Some research groups in Agricultural Sciences @ UFV

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Group Name


Agricultural Systems of the Cerrado

Carlos Eduardo Magalhães dos Santos


Ricardo Henrique Silva Santos


Luiz Antônio dos Santos Dias


Adélia Aziz A Pozza

Agroforestry Systems

Rasmo Garcia


Gilberto C Sediyama

Alternative Energy for Drying Agricultural Products and Heating Ambient Air

Jadir Nogueira da Silva

Alternative Fuels

Juarez de Sousa e Silva

Ambience and Facilities in Animal Production

Ilda de Fátima Ferreira Tinôco

Animal Bioclimatology

Rita Flávia Miranda de Oliveira

Animal Biotechnology

Ciro Alexandre Alves Torres

Animal Biotechnology

Simone Eliza Facioni Guimarães

Animal Breeding

Paulo Savio Lopes

Animal Molecular Infectology

Márcia Rogéria de Almeida

Animal Nutrition – Monogastric

Juarez Lopes Donzele

Animal Production

Geraldo Sergio Senra Carneiro Barbosa

Animal Reproduction

Ciro Alexandre Alves Torres

Animal Reproduction

Eduardo Paulino da Costa

Applications of Biotechnology and Physiology to Animal Reproduction

Jose Domingos Guimaraes

Applied Biochemistry: Enzymology , Biochemistry of Proteins and Peptides

Maria Goreti de Almeida Oliveira

Arthropod – Pesticides Interactions

Raul Narciso Carvalho Guedes

Bean Research

Geraldo Antonio de Andrade Araújo

Bioenergetics, animal growth and meat quality

Pedro Veiga Rodrigues Paulino

Biological Associations: Plant-Microorganisms

Maria Catarina Megumi Kasuya

Biological Control of Nematodes

Silamar Ferraz

Biology and Control of Domestic Animals Hematozoa and their Vectors

Joaquin H Patarroyo S

Biometry and Quantitative Genetics

Leonardo Lopes Bhering

BioPESB – Bioprospecting and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources of the Serra do Brigadeiro

João Paulo Viana Leite

Biotechnological Products and Processes in the Food Industry

Monique Renon Eller

Botanical, Phytochemistry and Genetic Prospection

Wagner Campos Otoni

Breeding and Genetic Resources of Vegetables Crops

Derly José Henriques da Silva

Breeding for Desirable Industrial and Food Traits in Soybean

Tuneo Sediyama

Breeding of Shrubs and Trees Crops

Carlos Sigueyuki Sediyama

Changes in Physical, Chemical and Biological Properties of Soils Under Different Management Systems

Liovando Marciano da Costa

Chemical Composition and Functioning of Cereals

Mônica Ribeiro Pirozi

Climate Change and Its Impacts on Agriculture And Water Resources

Luiz Cláudio Costa

Clonal Forestry (Silviculture)

Aloisio Xavier

Coffee Research Program

Laércio Zambolim

Commercial Hydroponic Growing

Herminia e P Martinez

Conservation of Fodder

Odilon Gomes Pereira

Cryopreservation of Semen and Embryos

Giovanni Ribeiro de Carvalho

Defense in Agricultural

Evaldo Ferreira Vilela

Design of Agriculture Machines

Daniel Marçal de Queiroz

Drying and Dryers for Agricultural Products

Jadir Nogueira da Silva

Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms

Maria Catarina Megumi Kasuya

Energy in Agriculture

Delly Oliveira Filho

Engineering Application of Pesticides

Mauri Martins Teixeira

Environmental Economics

Laércio Antônio Gonçalves Jacovine

Environmental Externalities of Native and Planted Forests

Laércio Antônio Gonçalves Jacovine

Environmental Quality of the Physical Environment, Treatment and Rational Use of Waste

Antônio Alves Soares

Etiology and Control of Nematodes

Rosangela D’Arc de Lima

Etiology of Fungal Diseases of Plants

Olinto Liparini Pereira

Fertilization, Nutrition and Physiology of Plants Stimulated by Humic Substances and/or Plant-Growth Promoting Bacteria

Marihus Altoé Baldotto


Reinaldo Bertola Cantarutti


José Antonio Grossi

Fodder Management and Conservation

Karina Guimarães Ribeiro

Food Microbiology

Maria Cristina Dantas Vanetti

Food Packaging

Nilda de Fatima Ferreira Soares

Food Supply Chain – Food Quality and Safety

Regina Célia Santos Mendonça


Dilermando Miranda da Fonseca

Forest and Pasture Systems

Rasmo Garcia

Forest Biorefinery

Jorge Luiz Colodetti

Forest Ecology and Physiology

Geraldo Gonçalves dos Reis

Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management

Herly Carlos Teixeira Dias

Forest Soils and Nutrition of Trees

Nairam Félix de Barros

Forestry and Environmental Economics, Policy and Management

Márcio Lopes da Silva

Forestry Pathology

Acelino Couto Alfenas

Fruit Crops

Dalmo Lopes de Siqueira

Genetics and Breeding of Fruit Trees

Claudio Horst Bruckner

Genetics and Genomics of Plant-Pathogen Interactions

Sergio Herminio Brommonschenkel

Genetics and Plant Breeding for Abiotic Stress

Glauco Vieira Miranda


Carlos Antonio Alvares Soares Ribeiro

GERAR : Group of Rural Studies – Agricultures and Rural Issues

Ana Louise de Carvalho Fiuza

Harvesting and Processing of Mountain Coffee

Mauri Martins Teixeira

Homeopathy and Medicinal Plants

Vicente Wagner Dias Casali

Hygiene in the Food Industry

Nélio José de Andrade

Integrated Management of Forest Pests

José Cola Zanuncio

Integrated Pest Management

Marcelo Coutinho Picanço

Integrated Pest Management in the Cerrado

Flávio Lemes Fernandes

Leaf-Cutting Beetles of Forestry Essences

Norivaldo dos Anjos Silva

Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Reparative Therapy

Ricardo Junqueira Del Carlo

Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment of Medical and Surgical Diseases in Domestic Animals

Andréa Pacheco Batista Borges

Mineral Nutrition and Plant Fertilization

Paulo Cezar Resende Fontes

Molecular Phylogeography and Bioprospection

Luiz Orlando de Oliveira

Morphophysiological Studies in Wild and Domestic Animals

Cláudio César Fonseca

Natural Dyes for Food and Bioactive Compounds

Paulo Cesar Stringheta

New Technologies and Methodologies in Education Process

Frederico José Vieira Passos

Nutrition and Feeding of Aquatic Organisms

Eduardo Arruda Teixeira Lanna

Nutrition and Fertilization of Native Forest Species

Haroldo Nogueira de Paiva

Nutrition and Ruminant Production

Rogério de Paula Lana

Nutrition of Free Range Cattle

Edênio Detmann

One Health, One World – Unified Health

Luís Augusto Nero

Pheromones of Insects

Eraldo Rodrigues de Lima

Physical Properties and Evaluation of Agricultural Products Quality

Paulo Cesar Corrêa

Physiology and Biochemistry of Forest Seeds

Eduardo Euclydes de Lima e Borges

Physiology and Neuroethology of Arthropods

Eugênio Eduardo de Oliveira

Physiology of Cultivated Plants

Raimundo Santos Barros

Planning and Integrated Management of Water Resources for Sustainable Development of Agriculture

Fernando Falco Pruski

Plant Molecular Virology

Francisco Murilo Zerbini Júnior

Population Biology of Plant Pathogens: Molecular Epidemiology and Evolutionary Genetics

Eduardo Seiti Gomide Mizubuti

Poultry Nutrition

Luiz Fernando Teixeira Albino

Pre-Processing of Medicinal, Aromatic and Spice Plants

Evandro de Castro Melo

Processing of Fruits and Vegetables: Science and Technology

Afonso Mota Ramos

Production Technology of Ornamental Plants

José Geraldo Barbosa

Proteins and Peptides – Proteomic Analysis Applied to Agribusiness

Maria Cristina Baracat Pereira

Quality of Stored Grains

Leda Rita Dantonino Faroni

Quality, Panels, Adhesives and Wood Energy

Benedito Rocha Vital

Quantitative Genetics, Statistical Genomics and BLUP in Plant Breeding

José Marcelo Soriano Viana

Recommendations of Fertilization for Major Crops Based on Nutritional Balance

Reinaldo Bertola Cantarutti

Research Group in Palms

Sérgio Yoshimitsu Motoike

Rickettsiosis and Diseases Transmitted by Ticks

Claudio Mafra

Ruminant Nutrition

Sebastião de Campos Valadares Filho

Rural and Ambience Constructions

Fernando da Costa Baêta

Sanity in Wildlife

Claudio Mafra

Science and Food Technology (Campus Florestal)

José Carlos Baffa Junior

Science and Food Technology (Campus Rio Paranaíba)

Diego Alvarenga Botrel

Science and Technology of Milk and Dairy Products

Antonio Fernandes de Carvalho

Seed Technology

Denise Cunha Fernandes dos Santos Dias

Sensory Analysis of Foods

Valéria Paula Rodrigues Minim

Studies on Milk System Production and Forage for Bovine

José Carlos Pereira

Study Group on Poultry Health

Bernadete Miranda dos Santos

Sugar-Cane Breeding Program PMGCA/RIDESA

Márcio Henrique Pereira Barbosa

Surface Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Chemistry of Soils and Sediments

Mauricio Paulo Ferreira Fontes

Sustainable Animal Production

Thea Mirian Medeiros Machado

Sustainable Development and Biodiversity Conservation

Silvana da Costa Ferreira

Systems and Models in Agricultural and Forest Biomes

Aristides Ribeiro

Technology, Product Development and Agribusiness Innovation Projects

Ronaldo Perez

UFV Corn Breeding Program

Joao Carlos Cardoso Galvao

Unitary Operations in Food Industry

Luis Antonio Minim

Zoonosis and Public Health

Paulo Sérgio Arruda Pinto