Some research groups at Arts, Humanities, Linguistics, and Social Sciences @ UFV

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Group Name


Accounting and Finance

Thiago de Melo Teixeira da Costa

Agroindustrial and Industrial Research Organization

Janderson Damaceno dos Reis

Applied Economics

Newton Paulo Bueno

Applied Social Sciences

Rosiane Maria Lima Gonçalves

ARQMnese – Perception and Memory of the Built Space

Luciana Bosco e Silva R. M Fonseca

Assentamentos (Settlements) Research Group on Social Movements in Camp, Agrarian Reform and Associations

José Ambrósio Ferreira Neto

Beliefs About Teaching and Learning Languages ​​(CEALI)

Ana Maria Ferreira Barcelos

Body and Education

Maria Veranilda Soares Mota

Clothing in Socioeconomic and Cultural Context

Tereza Angélica Bartolomeu

Communication, Languages ​​and Technologies

Mariana Ramalho Procópio

Copráticas – Communication , Democracy and Social Practices

Rennan Lanna Martins Mafra

CPC – Culture and Power in Contemporary


Cultural Heritage and History of Landscapes

Jonas Marçal de Queiroz

Development of Productive Chains: Legal, Economic and Commercial Aspects

Iacyr de Aguilar Vieira

Discourse Studies

Mônica Santos de Souza Melo

Economic Development

Evandro Camargos Teixeira

Economics of Natural Resources and Environmental

Dênis Antônio da Cunha

Education and Environment – Ecopedagogy

Edgar Pereira Coelho

Education, Knowledge and Educational Processes

Cezar Luiz de Mari

Education, State and Society

Marilene de Melo Vieira

Etnoikos: Research in Ethnosciences

France Maria Gontijo Coelho

Families, Public Policy, Human and Social Development

Maria das Dores Saraiva de Loreto

GEARS – Group for the Study of Art, Architecture and Society

Cláudio José Magalhães

GEMAPP: Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Projects

Patricia Fernanda Gouveia da Silva

Iberian Empires in the Old Regime: Politics, Society and Culture

Francisco Carlos Cardoso Cosentino

Institutions, Politics and Culture

Fábio Faria Mendes

Integrated Studies in Dance, Theatre, Dance-Theatre and Technology in Dance

Solange Pimentel Caldeira

Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer

Patrícia Aurélia Del Nero

Interdisciplinary Gender Studies

Maria de Fatima Lopes

International and Agricultural Economics

Orlando Monteiro da Silva

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics: Language, Society and Cognition

Maria Carmen Aires Gomes

Literary and Cultural Studies

Gerson Luiz Roani

Management , Public Policy and Social Movements

João Alfredo Costa de Campos Melo Júnior

Management and Development of Cooperatives and Associations

Nora Beatriz Presno Amodeo

Management and Development of Creative Territories

Magnus Luiz Emmendoerfer

Media – Research Group on Environment , Public Space and Rural Development

Maria Izabel Vieira botelho

Memory, History and Society

France Maria Gontijo Coelho

Memory, Institutions and Subjectivity

Eduardo Simonini Lopes

NEGEST – Management, Work and Society

Raquel Santos Soares

Office of Communications and Press

Joaquim Sucena Lannes

PACAB – Research Group on Environmental, Agricultural and Society Conflicts

Marcelo Leles Romarco de Oliveira

Philosophy , Education and Human Sciences

Marilda Aparecida Ionta

Portuguese Studies – NEP

Gerson Luiz Roani

Print Journalism

Joaquim Sucena Lannes

Public Administration and Social Management

Marco Aurélio Marques

Public Policy

Milton Ramon Pires de Oliveira

Public Policy and Development

Erly Cardoso Teixeira

Rural Education, Alternation and Agrarian Reform

Lourdes Helena da Silva

Rural Young Observatory

Sheila Maria Doula

Science Education and Biology

Thais de A. Cardoso

Social and Human Development, and Everyday Life

Amélia Carla Sobrinho Bifano

Social Sciences and Transformations of the Contemporary Society

Marcelo José de Oliveira

Space, Territory and Nature

maria isabel de jesus chrysostomo

Sports Journalism

Joaquim Sucena Lannes

Sports Management

Paulo Lanes Lobato

Studies of Human and Applied Sciences

Jorge Alberto dos Santos

Tauma – Technologies in Architecture, Urbanism and Environment

Antônio Cleber Goncalves Tibiriçá

Teacher Education and Educational Practices

Rita de Cássia de Alcântara Braúna

Teaching and Research in Management and Accounting

Nálbia de Araújo Santos

Territorial Development, Shared Management and Public Policy

Marilene de Souza Campos

The 1980 Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods Contracts: Application Prospects in Brazil and Possible Impacts.

Iacyr de Aguilar Vieira

The Actuality of Law

Alexandre Pimenta Batista Pereira

The Modern Era in Their Lines of Force: Historiographical Approaches and Theoretical Assumptions

Rubens Leonardo Panegassi

Transdisciplinary Research in Dance

Alba Pedreira Vieira

Urban Planning and Design

Ítalo Itamar Caixeiro Stephan